The 32GB bug in Award BIOS that prevents many users from using HDD larger than 32GB (BIOS hangs at detection) can be easily fixed in existing BIOSes. This means that if there's no BIOS for your board that supports HDDs over 32GB but supports up to 32GB, it can be fixed. The 64GB bug that causes hang at configuration table can be also fixed. Fixed and tested BIOSes will be on this page.

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These BIOSes are fixed to support HDDs over 32GB (up to 64GB) or over 64GB (up to 128GB) and are tested to work.
Use them at your own risk.

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Board BIOS ID string OEM ID string Max HDD size Added by
PC Partner VIA Apollo Pro boards with ITE Super I/O 128KB 02/10/1999-691-586B-8661-2A6LFV3GC-00 BIOS-I (90306) 64 GB Rainbow
PC Partner VIA Apollo Pro boards with SMC Super I/O 128KB 02/10/1999-691-586B-S669-2A6LFV3EC-00 PC-Partner BIOS-S (90306) SMC I/O patched for 128GB HDD 128 GB nicks
PC Partner VIB838DS 01/06/1999-VP3-586B-W877-2A5LEV3GC-00 PC-Partner VIB838DS BIOS-W (90106) 128GB HDD patch 128 GB nicks
Procomp B680/B683 256KB 12/17/1999-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KPNJC-00 B683/B680 2MB BIOS Ver:2.6 128 GB Rainbow
Procomp B681 03/03/1999-i440EX-ALi513-2A69JPNBC-00 B681 BIOS Ver:1.3 patched for 128GB HDD by Wim's BIOS team 128 GB nicks
Procomp B687 02/12/1999-i440BX-ALI513-2A69KPNDC-00 B687 BIOS Ver:1.2 128GB HDD patch 128 GB nicks
Procomp B687Z 03/02/1999-i440ZX-ALI513-2A69KPNDC-00 B687ZX BIOS Ver:1.2 patched to support HDD to 128Gb 128 GB nicks
Procomp B689 03/01/1999-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JPNAC-00 B689 BIOS Ver:1.5 128 GB Rainbow
Procomp B785ZX 03/19/1999-i440ZX-ALI513-2A69KPNHC-00 B785Z BIOS Ver:1.1 128GB patch by wimsbios 128 GB edwin
Procomp BS61M 01/14/2000-SiS-620-2A6INPN9C-00 BS61M-A/BS61M-AR BIOS Ver:1.3 128 GB Rainbow
Procomp BVC1A 03/15/2000-693-596-W977-2A6LGPNDC-00 BVC1A BIOS Ver:1.4 128 GB Rainbow
Procomp BVC2B 09/18/2000-693-596-W977T-2A6LGPNFC-00 BVC2B BIOS V1.3 128 GB Rainbow
Protac MX320/322 03/15/1999-i440ZX-W977EF-2A69KPWBC-00   128 GB Rainbow
QDI ExcellenX I 02/05/99-i440EX-W977-2A69JQ1HC-00 P6I440EX Excellent I BIOS V1.3SL Feb.5,1999 bp 128 GB nicks
QDI ExcellenX V 01/06/99-i440EX-W977-2A69JQ1JC-00 P6I440EX Excellent V BIOS V1.3 Jan.14,1999 64 GB Rainbow
QDI LegenX III 03/05/99-i440LX-2A69JQ1BC-00 P6I440LX/AV Legend III BIOS V1.5SL Mar.05,1999 64 GB Rainbow
QDI Titanium IB+ 06/05/1998-i430TX-NS309-2A59IQ1GC-00 P5I430TX/T1B+ BIOS V1.5SL - patch J.0 08/02/2003 - 128 GB BiosMan
QDI Titanium IE (TX400) 05/24/1998-i430TX-W977-2A59IQ1FC-00 TX400 BIOS V1.5 May 24,1998 128 GB Rainbow
QDI Titanium IIB PCB 2.x 05/14/1998-i430TX-NS309-2A59IQ1IC-00 P5I430TX/TIIB BIOS V2.3SL May.14,1998 64GB HDD patch 64 GB nicks
Redfox/Fordlian BX-6XP2 128KB (rev. A, B) 02/09/1999-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KF99C-00 FOR BX-6XP2 PCI/ISA/AGP MODE VER:1.4 patched for 128GB HDD 128 GB nicks
Redfox/Fordlian ZX-6AP2 03/08/1999-i440ZX-W977TF-2A69KF9DC-00 FOR ZX-6AP2 PCI/ISA/AGP MODE VER:1.0 BP 128 GB nicks
ROI Computer P6 (onboard SCSI) 08/03/2000-i440BX-SMC37B-2A69KRC0C-00 V02. - ROI Computer AG 128 GB Rainbow
S&D P6ALXA 11/19/97-i440LX-SMC67x-2A69JSWAC-00 P6ALXA Ver:C patched with BP for 128GB 128 GB nicks
SanLi SM-P5TX3 with UMC I/O 02/27/98-i430TX-SMC60X-2A59IK1CC-00 SM-P5Tx3 Rev 1.2 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
SanLi/SuperPower P2LX 03/16/1999-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JSM9C-00 P2LX VER:A.3 128 GB Rainbow
SanLi/SuperPower SP-586TX rev.A 01/20/1999-i430TX-W977TF-2A59ISMBC-00 586TX VER:A.6a 32GB+ 64 GB edwin
SanLi/SuperPower SP-586TX rev.C (also Acorp 5TX32) 07/28/1998-i430TX-2A59ISM9C-00 586TX VER:C.2 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
SanLi/SuperPower SP-5BSM 05/10/1999-SiS-530-2A5IMSMBC-00 Superpower 5BSM Ver:A.6 + Wimsbios HDD patch up to 64GB 128 GB Denniss
SanLi/SuperPower SP-A586B rev.A 11/04/1998-ALADDIN5-2A5KKSMAC-00 SP-A586B VER:A.5 64GB+ BETA 128 GB edwin
SanLi/SuperPower SP-P2BXA rev.A 128KB 10/01/1998-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KSM9C-00 SP-P2BXA VER:A.2 128 GB Rainbow
Seanix Columbia 3 09/13/2000-i440BX-NS351-UA69KS00C-00 Seanix Columbia III BIOS rev.1.2 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
Shuttle HOT-555 with UMC I/O 12/10/97-i430VX,UMC8669-2A59GH2BC-00 (55XWUQ0E) Intel i430VX PCIset(TM) 128 GB Rainbow
Shuttle HOT-565 06/22/98-i430TX,ITE8680-2A59IH2EC-00 (565WIQ0G) Intel i430TX PCIset(TM) 64 GB ajz
Shuttle HOT-569 02/10/99-i430TX,ITE8680-2A59IH2HC-00 (569WIQ0E) Intel i430TX PCIset 128 GB Rainbow
Shuttle HOT-569A 01/09/99-i430TX,ITE8680-2A59IH2HC-00 (569AWIQ7) Intel i430TX PCIset(TM) patched for 128GB HDD 128 GB nicks
Shuttle HOT-637A v2.x and v3.x 04/11/00-i440LX-ITE8671-2A69JH2BC-00 (637AWIQC) Intel i440LX PCIset(TM) 128 GB ajz
Shuttle HOT-661 v1.1 and v2.0 05/31/1999-i440BX-ITE867-2A69KH2BC-00 (6610S074) Intel i440BX PCIset(TM) 128 GB BiosMan
Shuttle HOT-661 v3.1 02/22/2000-i440BX-ITE867-2A69KH2BC-00 (6610S164) Intel i440BX PCIset(TM) 128 GB BiosMan
Shuttle HOT-661V 05/31/1999-692-596-W977-2A6LGH29C-00 (661VS045) 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
Shuttle HOT-675 05/17/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KH2DC-00 (6750SC2D) Intel i440BX PCIset(TM) 128GB HDD patch 128 GB nicks

You can visit Wim's BIOS if you have problems with your BIOS, especially the forum there.

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