The 32GB bug in Award BIOS that prevents many users from using HDD larger than 32GB (BIOS hangs at detection) can be easily fixed in existing BIOSes. This means that if there's no BIOS for your board that supports HDDs over 32GB but supports up to 32GB, it can be fixed. The 64GB bug that causes hang at configuration table can be also fixed. Fixed and tested BIOSes will be on this page.

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These BIOSes are fixed to support HDDs over 32GB (up to 64GB) or over 64GB (up to 128GB) and are tested to work.
Use them at your own risk.

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Board BIOS ID string OEM ID string Max HDD size Added by
Soyo 4SAW 09/11/97-SiS-496-497/A/B-2A4IBS29C-00 REV WA0911 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
Soyo 5TF 11/14/97-i430HX-2A59FS2AC-00 Soyo 5TF TF-1114 + Wimsbios HDD patch up to 128GB 128 GB Denniss
Soyo 5VA 09/25/97-i430VX-8669-2A59GS2IC-00 Soyo 5VA 0911H 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
Soyo 5VD 09/15/97-i430VX-ITE8680-2A59GS2GC-00 VD-B6 128 GB Rainbow
Soyo SY-5BT 128KB 02/04/1999-i430TX-W977-2A59IS2BC-00 BT-1B7 128 GB ajz
Soyo SY-6BB v1.0 09/06/1999-i440BX-ITE867-2A69KS2GC-00 BB V1.0-1A6 128 GB Rainbow
Soyo SY-6ZE+ 09/06/1999-i440ZX-ITE867-2A69KS2GC-00 6ZE+_2AA4 64 GB Rainbow
Soyo SY-7SBB 10/14/1999-SiS-5600-ITE8-2A6ILS2AC-00 7SBB V1.0-2AA2 128 GB Rainbow
Soyo V6BE+ 10/29/1999-692-596-W977-2A6LGS29C-00 VBE-2AA4 128 GB Rainbow
Tatung TDA1156 (NTSC TV Out) 05/31/2000-MVP3-596-2A5LET7DC-00 (1156) B005_0 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
Tekram P6B40-A4X 10/11/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KTG9C-00 TRM-P6BX-A4X v1.10 128 GB Rainbow
Tekram P6B40D-A5 02/18/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KTG9C-00 TRM-P6B40D-A5-V1.07 patched for HDD to 128GB 128 GB nicks
Tekram P6BX-A(n) 07/07/2000-i440BX-W83977-2A69KTGBC-00 TRM-P6BX-A BIOS V1.08 128 GB ajz
Tekram P6Pro-A5 12/21/1999-691-596-W877-2A6LFTG9C-00 TRM-P6PRO-A5-V1.07 128 GB ajz
TMC AI5TV 10/16/97-i430VX,W83877F-2A59GM29C-00 AI5TV-V9-1017 with patch for HDD to 128GB 128 GB BiosMan
TMC TI5VG+ 128KB 06/19/1998-VP3-586B-W877-2A5LEM2FC-00 TI5VG+ -Z2-0622 128 GB Rainbow
TMC TI6NB 128KB 10/14/1998-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KM2CC-00 TI6NB-S7-1019 128 GB Rainbow
TMC TI6NL 128KB 08/10/1998-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JM2EC-00 TI6NL2x-R6-0810 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
Totem TM-P2BXAT 02/09/1999-i440BX-W977-2A69KTJBC-00 TM-P2BXAT Ver:1.3 128 GB ajz
Totem TM-P2EXAT 08/31/1998-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JTJCC-00 TM-P2EXAT Ver:1.02 32GB bug patch 128 GB nicks
Totem TM-P2LX PCB 1.2 04/17/1998-i440LX-W977TF-2A69JTJBC-00 TM-P2LX Ver:1.3 128GB BETA 128 GB edwin
TrangBow TB-6BX 02/22/1999-i440BX-ITE867-2A69KT1BC-00 TB-6BX patched to support HDD to 128 Gb 128 GB nicks
Tyan Tigercub 100 (S1894SLA) 04/26/1999-i440BX-NS351-2A69KT50C-00 TYAN TIGERCUB 100 Micro ATX V1.05a 042699 128 GB Rainbow
Tyan Titan Turbo AT(-2)/ATX(-2) (All S157x) 08/20/1998-i430TX-2A59IT5AC-00 TYAN TITAN TURBO V1.06 082098 - patch J.2 07/02/2001 - 128 GB Rainbow
VisionTop VT586TX ITE 11/27/97-i430TX-ITE8679-2A59IV59C-00 VT586TX with ITE I/O patched for 128GB HDD 128 GB nicks
Winco W-P55TV2 11/18/97-i430VX-2A59GSL9C-00 11/18/1997 W-P55TV2 REV.C patched for 128GB HDD 128 GB nicks
Wintac/Edom MP064 06/24/1998-i430FX-2A59CW0TC-00 Wintac/Edom MP064 Beta BIOS - Patched by the Wimsbios Team 128 GB ajz
Wintac/Edom W6BXA 128KB 02/23/1999-i440BX-W977TF-2A69KW09C-05 W6BXA INTEL 440BX 128 GB ajz
Wintac/Edom W6BXA 256KB 05/07/1999-i440BX-W977EF-2A69KW0DC-A7 W6BXA INTEL 440BX 128 GB ajz
Wintac/Edom W6LXB 09/01/1998-i440LX-W977-2A69JW0BC-07 W6LXB 440LX 64GB+ BETA 128 GB edwin
Zaapa ZP-6L1 and ZP-6L3 09/30/1998-i440LX-2A69JGECC-00 Zaapa ZP-6L1/6L3 P2 Mainboard Rev:08+ (www.pcnovacom.com) 128 GB ajz
Zida 5DTX-TC 07/07/1998-i430TX-ITE867-2A59IZ1CC-00 5DTX-TC VER2.6 (7/7/98) 128 GB ajz
Zida 5SVA-E 06/19/1998-580VPX-Prime3-2A5LDZ1AC-00 5SVA-E REV:1.4 (7/3/98) 128 GB Rainbow

You can visit Wim's BIOS if you have problems with your BIOS, especially the forum there.

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