Useful BIOS related linksTested patched BIOSes at Untested patched BIOSes at ajz - biosman - Edwin - NickS - Soupy - thUniflash (flash utility)Rainbow's hotflash instructionsBoot disk imagesSummary of various IDE limitsDescription of HDD BIOS translation modesKnown problems with OS and utilitiesMicrosoft: Phoenix BIOS errors with discs over 32Gb using Phoenix BitShift mode Affects protected mode operations (e.g. scandisk) in Win95 through to Win98SE Microsoft: Drive converter (FAT16-FAT32 converter) limitation on drives over 8GbMicrosoft: FDISK limitations on drives over 64Gb.Microsoft: download fix for W98/W98SE FDISKSeagate: FDISK limitations on drives over 64Gb and workarounds.HPEdwin's index of HP motherboardsIBMDisc utilities download page, Ontrack, disk tools etc. How to use Ontrack disc management utilityZap.exe Zeros first 128 sectors of the HDD - this should wipe out disc overlay software Windows executable to create the feature tool bootable diskette. This allows the drive ATA mode to be set. A Linux version is available. IBM knowledge base for hard disk issuesSeagateHow to use Disc Wizard Starter Edition (with link to download) Seagate disc FAQ"Ultra-ATA toggle" utility, allows drive ATA mode to be set MaxtorMaxblast 3 disc management utilityMaxtor knowledge baseDrive ATA mode setting utility Allows drive ATA mode to be set from 0 (UDMA16) through to 6 (UDMA100) Certain Diamond Max models only - read the text! Maxtor download page Includes mode setting utilities for (Quantum) Fireball models Western DigitalDownloads page for Data LifeGuard etcData LifeGuard Ultra ATA managerData LifeGuard Diagnostic - allows drive to be "low level formatted" EZ-Install disk maker for EZ-Install disk managerFujitsuUDMA setting tool for MPG series drives.UDMA setting tool for MPD, MPE, MPF series drives.